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Strong Woman

About Me

Strength in Body & Mind

My name is Britteny. I am a full time mom, Certified Personal Trainer, and mental health advocate. 

Over the past few years, it is no secret that the world has changed. People have realized how important physical and mental health is. I founded this company on the belief that people need SUSTAINABLE healthy living habits. I want to help you on your road to your best self, and help you maintain your wellness. We are ALL struggling, let me help you navigate the struggle. 

The programs are designed for you to be able to continue even without one-on-one coaching. 

We all start somewhere, and just by checking out this page, YOU ARE TAKING YOUR FIRST STEP! 

"Small steps over time lead to big changes."

Services Offered Include: Customized At Home and In Gym Training Programs, One On One Coaching both Virtually and Locally, Nutrition Plans, Mindfulness Exercise, Group Fitness Challenges, Quick Guides, and more!!


NCCPT & ISSA Certification

Certified Personal Trainer
Nutrition Specialist
Glute Specialist
Group Fitness

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