About The Owner

Let Me Transform Ya!

Hello, I am Britteny!

I have always lived a fairly active lifestyle - from cheerleader/gymnast to intramural volleyball, and then weightlifting. I am a mom of a beautiful 2 year old boy. Graduated with my Bachelors In Psychology, and later went on to get my Personal Training Certification. I am alway learning more to better help my clients.

I founded Body and Mind Fitness because I understand just how much we change as people over time. Our mindsets change, we discover new parts of ourselves, and our bodies change to. I have learned that we either adapt to those changes, or we fight against them. Change can be hard. Our bodies go on an everlasting journey. From injuries that never heal, traumas, and giving birth. I am here to help you navigate those changes in a safe environment. We will go through not only your goals, but the mindset to help you accomplish them. I will empower you to make the choices YOU need to accomplish the life you hope to live. 

Current Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Kickboxing Instructor, Women's Training, Group Exercise Instructor, Glute Specialist, and Eating Disorders.